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Summer 2015 Exam Results

All our Students who achieve Distinctions receive a gift voucher

Name Exam Instrument Grade Result
Charlotte Moran ABRSM Piano Grade 1 PASS
Millie Burns ABRSM Piano Grade 2 PASS
Clarisse Favier ABRSM Piano Grade 2 PASS
Eva Hampson ABRSM Piano Grade 2 PASS
Jessica Rigby ABRSM Piano Grade 2 MERIT
James Weir ABRSM Piano Grade 2 DISTINCTION
Gary Sherriff ABRSM Guitar Grade 2 DISTINCTION
Daisy Gordon ABRSM Flute Grade 2 PASS
Jack Halladay ABRSM Saxophone Grade 5 PASS
Jennifer Wilson ABRSM Clarinet Grade 3 MERIT
Laura Morris ABRSM Clarinet Grade 4 PASS
Katie Bell ABRSM Theory Grade 2 DISTINCTION
Zoe Chapman ABRSM Theory Grade 5 PASS
Dominic Aston Rockschool Drums Grade 1 PASS
Babrus Qadir Rockschool Drums Grade 2 PASS
Charlie Rowe Rockschool Drums Grade 3 MERIT
Lewie Greenhalgh Rockschool Drums Grade 3 PASS
Max Reece Rockschool Drums Grade 4 DISTINCTION
Aiden Smith Rockschool Drums Grade 4 PASS
Bethany Thompson Rockschool Piano Grade 4 MERIT
Melissa Horner Rockschool Piano Grade 8 MERIT
Kiera Thomas Trinity Rock & Pop Singing Grade 7 MERIT

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