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Summer 2013 Exam Results

All our Students who achieve Distinctions receive a Free Lesson

Name Exam Instrument Grade Result
Lucy Thomas ABRSM Piano Prep PASS
Charlea Crompton ABRSM Piano Prep PASS
Benjamin Robertson ABRSM Piano Prep PASS
Ewan Blackhurst ABRSM Piano Grade 1 MERIT
Keira Jane Thomas ABRSM Piano Grade 1 PASS
Philippa Davies ABRSM Piano Grade 1 MERIT
Beth White ABRSM Piano Grade 1 DISTINCTION
Bethany Roberts ABRSM Guitar Grade 1 PASS
Malcolm Horner ABRSM Jazz Piano Grade 1 PASS
Katie Rigby ABRSM Clarinet Grade 1 PASS
Nick Chalmers ABRSM Jazz Piano Grade 2 MERIT
Jack Halladay ABRSM Alto Sax Grade 3 PASS
Hannah Riley ABRSM Guitar Grade 3 MERIT
Tiegan Blackhurst ABRSM Guitar Grade 4 PASS
Jonathan Siney ABRSM Piano Grade 5 PASS
Eleanor Mair ABRSM Alto Sax Grade 5 PASS
Anna Bett ABRSM Alto Sax Grade 6 MERIT
Sophie Critchley ABRSM Theory Grade 5 PASS
Melissa Horner ABRSM Theory Grade 7 DISTINCTION
Harry Greaves Rockschool Guitar Grade 2 MERIT
Jack Halladay Rockschool Drums Grade 1 MERIT
Holly Baldwin Rockschool Drums Grade 1 DISTINCTION
James Mushahwar Rockschool Drums Grade 1 DISTINCTION
Katie Barker LCM Music Theatre Vocals Grade 2 MERIT
Jacqui Forshaw LCM Music Theatre Vocals Grade 3 MERIT
Rhiannan Wheeler LCM Music Theatre Vocals Grade 4 MERIT
Danielle Whitaker LCM Music Theatre Vocals Grade 6 DISTINCTION

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