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Spring 2014 Exam Results

All our Students who achieve Distinctions receive a Free Lesson

Name Exam Instrument Grade Result
Robert Jones ABRSM Piano Prep PASS
Lauren Carrington ABRSM Piano Prep PASS
Jacob Owen ABRSM Piano Grade 1 PASS
Jessica Rigby ABRSM Piano Grade 1 MERIT
Sophie Walker ABRSM Piano Grade 1 MERIT
James Wynn ABRSM Piano Grade 1 PASS
Matilda Hampson ABRSM Piano Grade 1 PASS
Keira Thomas ABRSM Piano Grade 2 PASS
Malcolm Horner ABRSM Piano Grade 2 PASS
Nick Chalmers ABRSM Jazz Piano Grade 4 PASS
Sophie Blackhurst ABRSM Guitar Grade 1 DISTINCTION
James Robertson ABRSM Guitar Grade 1 PASS
James Wallwork ABRSM Guitar Grade 3 MERIT
Malcolm Horner ABRSM Guitar Grade 7 PASS
Joe Higham ABRSM Guitar Grade 8 PASS
Anna Bett ABRSM Saxophone Grade 8 DISTINCTION
Melissa Horner ABRSM Theory Grade 8 PASS
Omar Ahmad Rockschool Guitar Grade 1 DISTINCTION
Hayden Ormshaw Rockschool Guitar Grade 3 MERIT
James Yates Rockschool Guitar Grade 3 MERIT
Edward Melling Rockschool Guitar Grade 4 MERIT
Michael Gillan Rockschool Guitar Grade 5 MERIT
Jacques Marsh Rockschool Guitar Grade 6 DISTINCTION

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