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James Mushahwar (Drums)

Staves is a lovable community, the people there are so nice (though I know just one person; Jack.) He’s an amazing drumming teacher who has made me progress quicker than any other drum teacher in my past, I understand more and I enjoy it more with a teacher like Jack. He also understands me and my capabilities, he knows when to make me progress, and when to take a different approach which over-all makes me progress with ease. Overall it’s astounding results over a short period of time no matter what instrument you play because even before lessons I hear about other people’s tutors telling their parent/ guardian how good they are, this really makes going all the more enjoyable because of the people there. Don’t hesitate go there ASAP and you won’t regret. They also have a wide variety of lessons including drums, guitar, saxophone, music theory, singing, piano and more. Thank you STAVES!

James Mushahwar   (15)    27/04/2012

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